Custom Orders

Fill out the contact form with a brief description of the design, the color of the shirt, and the size. If you are unsure of what I can do just ask, your options are pretty endless. I will reach out once I receive the form!

About Me!

Welcome! I am the maker behind Callee's Creations. What started as making decals here and there and playing around with a Cricut quickly grew into what you see here. Growing up I have always had an entrepreneurial side. A big part of my childhood was spent in 4-H and FFA, which helped me gain some entrepreneurial skills.

I am a people person, adventurer, and lover of agriculture and I love plants. I am a 2022 graduate of Ohio State University with a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Communications. I enjoy being able to use my creative outlets in other ways too.

I think everyone should have a hobby or something that they enjoy during their free time, this is mine! Thank you for joining me on this adventure!